About Us


Welcome to the world’s only digital automotive marketplace dedicated exclusively to branded title vehicles. (If you are unfamiliar with what a “branded title” vehicle is, read this quick explanation to become enlightened!)

For decades, sellers of branded title vehicles have been treated like a disease, and buyers of new and used vehicles have been inundated with false and out-of-date propaganda from dealers and vehicle history salespeople, about what a branded title vehicle is and isn’t. Those who make their fortune peddling vehicle history reports have used a massive ad campaign of fear, misinformation, and error of omission, to convince buyers that branded title vehicles are less than desirable. The truth is the exact opposite!

Branded title vehicles are by far, the best value in the automotive industry!


A branded title car, truck, van, RV, boat, motorcycle or commercial vehicle is one of the best values on the road, and BrandedMarketplace.com is dedicated to the celebration of these amazing vehicles.

In addition to BrandedMarketplace.com, where buyers and sellers can find one another, ResurWRECKED Media (the owner of BrandedMarketplace.com) is also building a significant portfolio of media assets for the branded title automotive industry. These media platforms include: podcasts, magazine, tv series, social media and car shows exclusively for the branded vehicle industry.

From all of us here at BrandedMarketplace.com, welcome to the center of the branded title automotive universe! Where buyers can get more car for their dollar, and sellers can get the respect and support they deserve for selling such a valuable vehicle!

 — Troy Dunn, Founder of BrandedMarketplace.com


We are dedicated to raising the awareness and understanding of the entire branded title vehicle industry through this marketplace and through multiple media platforms we have control and influence over. We will fulfill this mission by staying true to these core values:

  • Educate And Protect Buyers.
  • Elevate The Reach Of Sellers.
  • Celebrate Reputable Dealers And Rebuilders.
  • Connect Buyers With Cars, Financing & Warranties.
  • Defend The Branded Industry Against Misinformation.
  • Be Transparent.


BrandedMarketplace ADVANTAGES

If you want to sell a vehicle that has a branded, rebuilt or salvage title, BranedMarketplace.com is your new favorite place! We are the world’s largest true marketplace for all types of branded title vehicles; cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, boats, RVs, motorcycles and commercial vehicles. Buyers here are specifically seeking a branded title vehicle and appreciate their amazing value! So add your vehicle to our marketplace- our buyers are looking for what you want to sell!

Here at BrandedMarketplace, you can shop THOUSANDS of branded title vehicles, and save 20-30% off market value! PLUS, you can even secure traditional financing and warranties too! Get more car for your money here than anyplace else in the world! (That’s literally true!)